About Us

Tele Mix is one of the most experienced phone repair company you will come across. We are a group of very talented and professional phone repair specialists. We deal with several cellphone issues and honor warranties that we provide on repair.

At Telemix, apart from servicing all parts and aspects of smartphones, we also sell and buy used phones. You may contact us for either of these.

Accurate Pricing

Every time you choose Tele Mix, we make sure you get the most accurate prices. One of the best things that happens with accurate pricing is we wind your confidence and you come back to us and refer us to your friends.

Pick Up and Delivery

If you cannot make time to visit our store, at fairfax cell phone repair one of our stores near you can arrange for picking up your phone and you will not be disappointed on either front. We will send someone to pick up your phone and they will be there in 24 hours from the time you register a request.